The way to Produce a Custom Header: The brand new WordPress Theme Makes Creating Custom Headers Easy

Do you wish you knew how you can create custom headers — without Photoshop? The newest WordPress 3.0 default theme makes it simple to produce your personal custom header from any image you prefer. – Get X WordPress Theme

Recently i discovered precisely how easy it really is to make my own, personal custom headers. Initially, I created headers inside the exact prescribed format, that is 940×198 pixels.

But one day, I spotted which i was making work for myself. The WordPress theme would allow me to crop the picture immediately, inside my blog.

So now it merely requires select a graphic you’ve got on your own hard disk drive, and upload it in your WordPress theme.

Step one: Go to the image selection area:

You choose “Appearance,” then “Theme,” last but not least “Header.” In the header selection area, you get the default image and also a collection of other theme options.

I do find some from the options so pretty that I actually have a blog or two with one of the pre-made WordPress images. However i also want to upload my own, personal.

Step 2: Upload your image

So visit the “upload” area and merely click on Browse. Now search through your hard disk where you’ve got your images, select the one you would like, and click upload.

3: Crop the look

You will subsequently be given a graphic having an area blocked out over the top. That’s the format the header will demand. To put it simply your sensitive mouse with that area and move it around until it covers the actual area you desire to use as the header.

And don’t worry. If you don’t just like the result, you could start over.

There’s also a handy button in the bottom that permits you to revert something to default status.

But suppose you would like to select an area from the image. Follow on on “crop” and it’ll be cropped.

Step four: Check out the result and save if you like it

You’ll be able to take a look at the way it looks on your blog, of course, if you like it, make sure to click on the “Save” button at the end of one’s screen.

Congratulations! You’ve got just created your custom header!

Bonus tip: Where to locate suitable images?

Are you wondering how to locate the correct images? There is a variety of options.

You may use your personal photos. You can also head to one of the handy stock photo sites and choose a royalty free image for a small charge, and use it when you create your custom header. – Get X WordPress Theme